Ponder Recruiting | About us
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About us

Ponder Recruiting Zone Inc.

We are a Canadian company dedicated to providing effective solutions, to improve the operation of companies through the recruitment of guaranteed personnel, which will be selected through theoretical, practical and safety tests.

Our Story

Ponder Recruiting resonated during the pandemic, and this was due to Canada’s overwhelming labor shortage. As small business owners located in Ontario, we have felt the impact of these shortages. Having enough skilled laborers has become problematic within our region. However, with our roots in immigration, we have realized that what we are looking for can be achieved by recruiting candidates from outside our country.

Ponder has reached an overwhelming response during our first search for skilled trade candidates, and our idea has now become an actualization. We believe that we can provide the tools necessary to showcase skilled trades workers’ abilities and enable companies access to consistent and cost-effective laborers.


With our grassroots in the skilled trades industry, we understand the struggle many companies face during these labor shortages. We can provide qualified personnel with the required profile, seeking to enhance the growth and profitability of your business, through responsible and guaranteed recruitment tailored to our clients.

To achieve these results, we are committed to in-person interviews where skills will be demonstrated to ensure they can meet the industry standards of Canadian companies.

“To help families achieve their dreams while canadian companies continue their dream”

Training & Support

Our goal at Ponder Recruiting is to acquire highly skilled and trained workers. We strive to choose potential workers that will be able to meet our Canadian standards of craftsmanship. We will continue to support our partners on their journey to achieve this goal.


Our successful business has been in the industry for over 40 years, and we understand the struggle that other companies deal with on a regular basis. Therefore, we are filling the hole they are missing by ensuring they receive diligent, persistent, quality workers. We will achieve this by going to other communities to exercise a laborer’s skill level. Our team will ensure that the successful candidate meets the required industry standards. The interview process is video documented to help showcase the workers skills to future employers.

Contact Us

Colombia / Canada

Email:      info@ponderrecruiting.com